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สยามนิรมิต Siam Niramit

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Siam Niramit is another show of Thai classical dance that is beautiful ….. great ….. spectacular And has an important part in making the reputation of Thai arts and culture famous and widely spread far abroad. ….. ….. From the rapid success of Siam Niramit Bangkok, which opened its first performance on 27 October 2005, made Ratchada Niramit (the creator of the Siam Niramit Show) decided to expand the business base to the Pearl City of Andaman and began to open the stage Siam Niramit Show Phuket again in late 2011

สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_231

This is a spectacular opening performance of Siam Niramit.
…………………………….. The first one to trace the history. Scene 1 Faith Lanna Nakhon .. ……………………………


Siam Niramit: Pride of Thai history and culture

At present ….. Although Siam Niramit’s stage is divided into 2 places (ie Siam Niramit) Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket) If the content and composition of the performances on each stage are very similar, it is almost impossible to find the difference ….. Therefore ….. If you have been to the Siamese show Already on one stage It can be assumed that the Siam Niramit show on the other stage is no different than what has been seen.


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_17

A fraction of the courage and sacrifice of Thai ancestors
Being modeled on a stage full of colors


The content of all Siam Niramit performances (both Siam Niramit) Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket) is divided into 3 large groups, namely

The first one, the history of Siam Niramit will bring you back in the past about 700 years before the time when Siam was still filled with people of various races ….. various religions And has a unique local culture This performance consists of 4 main scenes as follows.

Scene 1 Faith Lanna Nakorn: Opening of the Siam Niramit show with the procession of the King and the Great King of the Lanna Kingdom which is proceeding to pay homage to the relics of Chedi at Wat Chiang Man ….. in the procession. This will consist of a high-tech train (high-altitude equipment: souvenirs for honor, such as Chat, Phumok, Chamorn, Glad, etc.). And the guards who show sword dance throughout the route

สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_

Hell is the place where most Siamese people believe that sinful sinners have to come to receive punishment from Phraya Yommarat.
(…………… The Siam Niramit show, 2nd place, travel to the land of fantasy, scene 1, hell landscape ……………)


Scene 2 Overseas Trading: Experience the atmosphere of the South Sea on the previous day. When the trade between the distant lands still requires a junk boat as a vehicle ….. But when the trade progressed ….. international influences in terms of faith, religion and art came in. Fused with traditional local cultural traditions to become a unique feature of the community on the golden ax handle

Scene 3 Isan ….. Legend of the Stone Castle: Everyone is well aware that the northeastern part of Siam is the area with the highest number of stone castles ….. Siam Niramit show this scene. Will simulate the event for you to see the fun dance of the Isan people in a wonderful dawn celebration that the sun shines brightly through the doors of Prasat Hin Phanom Rung. And with the magical enigma, the stone sculptures became amazingly lively


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_6

Next time vacation …………… Try to visit Himmapan Forest and Siam Niramit for a while?
(…………… The 2nd Siam Niramit Show


Scene 4: Ayudhya ….. The glorious capital: Back in the Ayutthaya period, the capital of Siam has said that in the water there are fish ….. In the rice fields Which clearly reflects the richness of the land when past times ….. at a memorable moment in the past … You will find the prosperity of the capital which is growing Friendship with the West Saw the difference between the simple lifestyle of the farmer and the luxurious lifestyle of the royal family Watching the waterfront lifestyle of the community in the central region As well as having the opportunity to be stunned by the spectacular procession of the Royal Barge Procession Royal Siam Niramit.


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_232

Siam Niramit invites you to come and tour the paradise ……………….. The night that dreams will come true
(…………… The 2nd Siam Niramit Show) Travel to the land of fantasy. Scene 3 Heaven ……………)


The second one, travel to the land of imagination, even though the Siamese people have different ways of life – traditions, different cultures. But one thing that many Siamese people have to believe together is The story of the law of karma and the reincarnation of death … People who do good or bad deeds in this world must receive the consequences of their actions in the future. This is a show that will convey to you the story of the beliefs about the “trilogy” in the unique style of Siam Niramit.

The show in the second episode consists of 3 main scenes, including

Scene 1 Hell Landscape: The place where sinners must go to punish for their own evil deeds, with Phraya Yommarat (Yomnay) taking care of all the souls to be punished in a way that has been committed. … People who are lying will be pulling their tongues ….. Alcoholics will be filling their mouths with boiling water ….. People who are adulterous with other people’s husbands or wives will have to climb a sharp spine. Stab the body

สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_230

Unbelievable that on this stage there is also a Loy Krathong event with him.
(……………………. The 3rd Siam Niramit Show, enjoy the fun of Thai tradition ………… ………….)


Scene 2 Himmapan Forest: Marvel at the mysterious land that connects between heaven and the human world. “Himmapan Forest”, a fairy-tale forest filled with various strange creatures, such as “Kinnaree”, half-bird life, half-life ….. “Makkaphol” or “Naree Phol”. A beautiful woman ….. You will also see “Mekhala” and “Ramindra”, which is the gods that ancient Thai people believe to be the cause of lightning, thunder and lightning phenomena on the stage of Sat drug with nature


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_18

……………….. The atmosphere in one night at the place where the miracle is not too far to grab ………….. ……


Scene 3: Heaven: Phra Indra is the supreme ruler of heaven, Dao Daeng. In this scene, he will wait for the arrival of Chaya Ek on the top of Phra Sumen, the center of the universe. While there are many people who play beautiful songs and have masses of goddesses dancing in the midst of the sky beautifully.

The 3rd, joyful, entertaining, Thai tradition, Buddhism is the religion that most Siamese people respect. For this reason, there is a tradition associated with various merit-making festivals. To celebrate all year round And also many games and festivities ….. In this 3rd place, you will enjoy watching local folk games ….. the national carnival festival And the beautiful Loi Krathong tradition that will make you remember the Siam Niramit show for a long time.


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_13  สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_14

Siam Niramit, he doesn’t have a good, just a spectacular performance.
But still has 4 rural Thai villages to enjoy walking !!


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_12

……………….. Tamkhanokkhomkhao ……………………….. . Wait for the theater to open ………………..


The Siam Niramit performance was held in the theater which had been recorded as “Having the highest stage frame in the world” (Guinness World Records recorded that the Ratchada Theater, which is the venue for Siam Niramit Bangkok is the highest stage theater in the world on July 31, 2006), using over 100 well-trained actors dressed in elaborate designs. More than 500 sets, then perform in a scene that is fully equipped with light and sound systems, as well as spectacular special effects. Until making Siam Niramit the Best Thai Tourism Industry Award of the Year 2010 and the award of the Best Creative Art Award from the Prime Minister in 2011. ….. These awards are what That guarantees the quality of Siam Niramit’s performances very well ….. In addition ….. Siam Niramit also received the award for the establishment that is friendly to the disabled from the Ministry of Social Development and Human security as well


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_15

Feeling like a nobleman with an elephant ride around the park.


Enjoy walking in 4 rural Thai villages and floating markets.

In addition to the impressive performances Siam Niramit also has other tourist areas within the Park and has various outdoor activities. To create enjoyment for many visiting visitors Such as 4 rural Thai villages (open for both Siam Niramit) Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket) which brought old style wooden houses from various sectors To be displayed near the theater area In this village, you will learn the ways of life of ancient Thai people. Including carp fishing from the yard to make children’s toys ….. silkworm raising, silkwashing and weaving ….. Rice pounding and milling ….. Knmcrk making, etc. Phuket Floating Market ( Open for service in the park area of ​​Siam Niramit. Phuket) where you can enjoy a Thai-style boat cruise By the evening , Thai music and outdoor performances (serving both Siam Niramit) Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket) is an entertainment before the Siam Niramit Theater in the theater begins. , Feeding and elephant riding (serving both Siam Niramit) Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket) Enjoy elephant feeding, which is involved in the Siam Niramit stage performance. And if anyone wants to experience the feeling similar to the old Khun Khun in the old days, can use the elephant ride to ride around the Park

สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_16

……………….. The small theater pantomime: The warm, delicate and beautiful performances of Siam Niramit …………… …..


สยามนิรมิต_Siam Niramit_11

If you don’t know where to eat dinner Come and enjoy unlimited international buffet with Thai food.


Anyone who likes to eat unlimited food Siam Niramit, he offers Thai buffet-style food. International in the restaurant that can see the atmosphere of the beautiful 4 rural Thai villages ….. The Muslim brothers, which are required to pray in accordance with the religion, can use the prayer room at Siam Niramit. Bangkok and Siam Niramit Phuket

Siam Niramit Bangkok Card Cheap / Cheap / Special Price !!
Price (BATH)
Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Standard seat
(walk in 1,500)
Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Gold seat
(walk in 2,000)
Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Platinum seat
(walk in 2,500)

Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Standard seat + buffet, Siam Niramit dinner

(walk in 1,850)

Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Gold + Buffet Seats, Siam Niramit Dinner

(walk in 2,350)

Siam Niramit Card Bangkok (Siam Niramit)
Platinum Seat + Buffet Dinner Siam Niramit

(walk in 2,850)


** Children less than 4 years old and height not exceeding 90 cm enter Siam Niramit for free **

Siam Niramit office hours: Open daily from 17.30 – 22.00 hrs. Activities in the rural Thai village, 4 regions, starting from 17.30 – 20.00 hrs. Siam Niramit starts at 8:00 pm. It takes about 80 minutes to show.

Siam Niramit Bangkok has an air-conditioned van for free transfer from the Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station. Exit number 1 area, starting from 18.00 – 19.45 hrs. And sending tourists after the end of the show. Siam Niramit (pick-up every 15 minutes)

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